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Born Poor and Condemned to Lifelong Poverty

There’s an old saying about the crisis of being born: “You can’t pick your parents.” There’s another unspoken — yet harder and uncrackable — chestnut that rings truer and harsher: “You can’t pick your income level.” For children across the world, that reality means millions are condemned to lifelong suffering because they were born into poverty without any sort of clear economic path for breaking free of that chain.

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Gender Gymnastics: How to Join the Boys Club

A straight-laced female friend of mine has been working at her job as a manager for three years. She has been trying to get along with the all male upper management and be included in the informal “Boys Club” where the real work of the day gets done in brief men’s room discussions and during a liquored up lunch hour. My friend is the only female manager — but she doesn’t feel the “ins”… “included” or “involved” — she feels isolated in one corner while her male bosses seem so far away.

The Boys Club

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Picking Presidential Pet Names

One mark of a bully beyond the physical is intimidation of others through direct and veiled belittling. One way that kind of emotional bullying occurs is through the application of invented “Pet Names.” Some refer to pet names as “nicknames” but “pet names” is more appropriate for the intention behind the naming because it conveys ownership and dominion over the named.

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