I Had a Judge Judy Sex Dream

Okay, I admit it.  Two nights ago I awoke from an amazing dream flushed with sandy excitement and the salt of morning grogginess.  I was coming back into being from a sordid sex dream with Judge Judy as the object of my unwitting desire.

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Bruce Springsteen Working on a Spill in Aisle Two

Bruce Springsteen is back.  His latest album — “Working on a Dream” — is acoustic and impressive.  The haunting in his voice is everlasting.

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Bottom's Dream… Again

by Steve Gaines

It was…
let’s see
thirty-plus years ago
in another life
when I used to throw myself
into a part ill-advised and out of control
when I would measure success
by volume and G-forces

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Why are the Clouds so Pretty?

by Noemi Szadeczky-Kardoss

Have you ever wondered why are the clouds so pretty?

Well, there was once a Butterfly, who wanted to find the answer to that question. This Butterfly decided to fly to the clouds, and she was very determined. Nobody could talk her out of that resolution, and no argument or reasoning could persuade her to change her mind. When her friends saw they had tried everything, and she only became more stubborn, they changed their ground.

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From A Dream

by Steve Gaines

1984… 1995

once…a very long time ago…
in a world more cynical and simple…
where I never fed off the big questions
I met a fellow creature of my world almost every morning…
…a street person
patched together like a rag doll with too many pieces missing
sad looking and unwashed… once a blonde…
once… from a time beyond wishing it back…
a member of the species woman
but the street had used her up
and put an emptiness in her eyes…
shinning through even the early morning darkness
we shared meeting in the street lights…

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