Top Ten Dude Cars

Yesterday we provided a list of Top Ten Chick Cars and today, as promised, we provide the definitive list of Top 10 Dude Cars — and when we say “Dude Cars” we mean these are vehicles only men should drive and no self-respecting woman should be caught dead driving or even riding shotgun — because these cars have masculine edges, dull personalities and bleed XY chromosomes.

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The Culture of Dude

by Diane Buccheri

Through the years I’ve come to know more and more dudes. Even been called dude. When I corrected the dudes that I was no dude, I was politely called Dudette.

New Yorker to Californian
It all began when I went, white as a ghost from dancing my days away inside New York City ballet studios, to the golden state of California. Attending college there, in the southern half of the state, lots of strange looking “dudes” lived in the dormitory.

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