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Measuring the Commodity of Human Breathing

In our discussion yesterday concerning waterboarding, I began to reflect upon the greater — and immeasurable — value of human breathing and its punishments both invoked and self-sustained.

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Writing No Longer Matters

The Boston Globe reported last week many top American universities are ignoring the writing portion of the SAT exam when deciding whether or not to admit high school students into their programs of study.

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Genius Born in Collective Ciphers

Genius is born in collective ciphers — and the brilliance in the cooperative remains hidden until there is an expressed peril to group stakes — then an emergency encryption of memes and forms of protective thought are ignited, risking decoded secrets and nothingness.


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The Danger of Emotion Over Memory

To live is to remember. To die is to decay in emotion. We have become lost. We value inconsistent emotion over verifiable shared memory and the result of that dissolution of appropriate duty is the loss of cultural immortality as a cogent people.

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Strangers on a School Bus

A city loses its innocence in increments — not in batches. I was alarmed to learn my hometown — Lincoln, Nebraska — recently had an incremental loss of its innocence blared in headlines and broadcast in frightened feelings. The incident happened between two strangers caught in the February chill on a Lincoln Public Schools bus. The city was irrevocably changed.

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Terror in the Homeland: The Fort Dix Six

I thought the whole reason we are slogging through the war in Iraq is to keep the Terrorists “there” and not “here?” That, at least, is the war drum President Bush has been beating and still beats. In a 2003 interview — published on the White House website — Bush makes it clear the Terrorists will remain “over there” as long as we stay there engaging them in Iraq (emphasis added):

Q: Well, what about the suggestion from your critics that while you won the war, the peace is being bungled? THE PRESIDENT: They’re wrong. We’re making great progress in Iraq. We’ve got a pretty steep hill to climb. After all, one, we’re facing a bunch of terrorists who can’t stand freedom. These thugs were in power for awhile, and now they’re not going to be in power anymore, and they don’t like it. And they’re willing to kill innocent people. Their terrorist activities — we’d rather fight them there than here.


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CBS News Links Urban Semiotic

When you write a blog you always wonder who is reading you and why and if what you create is making a difference or not. Here in your favorite Urban Semiotic we work hard to provide you new thoughts in the form of fresh articles seven days a week. We average between 5,000 and 7,000 new words for your eyes and mind every week.

That’s a lot of original writing you get for free and it takes a massive effort to produce. Yesterday the following comment was published in our Info Area:

CBS News linked Urban Semiotic? What fantastic news! We live for links. We crave links. We are whores for links. Links provide relevance.

Links are validation that your thoughts and wonderings are shared by others with like minds or minds that enjoy challenging you on their site with their own musings.

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