Don’t let anyone tell you Jesus isn’t good for business! As you can see in the screenshot below my Jesus Found Dead in His Grave post is hot with a rising bullet on the front page much in the same way our Lindsay Lohan series of articles made us super-popular a couple of months ago.

Scobleizer Found Dead in His Grave

Despite our best efforts when we get popular like this, we just can’t seem to nudge self-confessed Tech Geek Robert Scoble and his massive Scobleizer blog from the top spot. If you Believed in us more, we’d do better!

So in the Spirit of James Cameron, we are hoping the WordPress Dot Com SuperBug will strike, making all of Scoble’s Public posts Private and thus placing that Scobleizer blog dead in its grave so the rest of us can enjoy the sunshine of Titties in the Top Spot, Titties All the Time! now and forever into eternity until we, too, are found dead in our graves. Will Jesus or Scobleizer be better for business?

We’re holding thumbs to see how long this post stays published! This satiric post may be crass and Hits Whorish, but it is my Duty to try to get us into the sunshine and I apologize to all Bloggers and their Blogs, both living, dead, as well as to the Resurrected and to those, too — deleted the world over — for ToS violations.


  1. What a tart you are at times David ! – or should that be heretic? First it was Jesus, then is is the mighty Scobleizer – who next ?

  2. I was worried for a second there when I read the headline. The first thought I had was that we had an Anna Nicole Smith tragedy in the blogging world.
    I’ll have to check the Dashboard.
    If you really wanted to pull in some traffic, why not opine about today’s youth and their misadventures on Myspace — a la all of the real Myspace-type photos and fake Photoshopped Antonella Barba photos that have been floating around the blogosphere lately. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Not a lot of difference between tarting for hits and whoring for hits ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Tarts can be of either/any gender.
    On the Celebrity herpes angle – google is your friend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hi David,
    What you need to pump up the interest via a “viral” vector is to make a music video to submit to YouTube. I think a “You Down Wit HPV” parody of the Naughty By Nature “OPP” song of the early ’90s might be very infectious!
    Antonella Barba has been pretty good to my new blog “Celebrities We Love” — I had 6876 hits yesterday and 6845 hits so far today — all from Technorati and mostly based on Antonella Barba pic seekers. My blog is pictureless on purpose and I’ve noticed people have been scouring every page looking and looking and looking. I’m getting huge traffic and I only have three pages of the Celebrities blog indexed by Google. ๐Ÿ™‚
    God Bless Antonella Barba and best wishes to her for American Idol success!

  5. You’re right about that, Nicola!
    I am indeed, a tart! I had no idea tarts were gender non-specific.
    Ew! I did just Google celebs with herpes. Too much info!

  6. David!
    How cool! Congrats!
    I think we should strive for tartness once a month. Sure it’s wrong and whorish, but oh-so-fun! Pretty please! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Hi David,
    I had all sorts of extra bandwidth on my hosting plan for my namesake URL and even with all of the hits, I’ve only used 0.86% of my bandwidth this month. Blogger is pretty bandwidth friendly — I’ve only used 0.04% of my disk space so far, so there’s plenty more to go before I have to even think of upgrading.
    However, if I have spectacular pics that wouldn’t get me labeled as a “Google bad neighborhood” I’d buy extra bandwidth if it seemed like I’d get close to going over.

  8. I think this blog post caused the Stock Market To Crash upon news of Scobilizer Spotted With Antonella Barba And James Cameron! (All in the same blog post).
    Luckily my payday is tomorrow — I hope the markets stay low when my little contribution to my 401K goes into the market and buys stuff on sale. ๐Ÿ™‚
    You should ping Technorati and see what happens as an experiment.

  9. Chris —
    I think you’re smart to not have images on your Celeb site. There is stuff brewing by the Big Boys to go after those image pilferers who make money on their blogs by repubbing their content.

  10. I’m happy to do what little bit I can in bringing crashes to the world, Chris.
    Good luck on your money shot tomorrow!
    I think Technorati is only important because people provide its importance. I much prefer a well-written comment over a rank ranking any day.

  11. Hi David,
    After the lawsuits, music sampling decisions, and extending copyright protection so that anything produced in this century won’t be in the public domain, it is probably better to be very safe than sorry.
    I somewhat wish that we had more things in the public domain to foster creativity in our society. Lawrence Lessig has some interesting stuff on his blog in this area.

  12. And “Antonella Barba Pics” might be a good way to go in the whoring stakes – its in the todays hot posts listings for today.

  13. Hi Chris —
    I agree we need more freedom in the ether instead of grab-and-take or the hard hand of justice coming down on us. It’s going to get, worse, though, with the rise of celebrity celebrating websites and such.
    There’s going to come a point soon where the originating celebrity content owners stand up and say “Enough stealing!” Their prosecutorial response will make the RIAA’s despicable prosecutions of women, children and babies look like Antonella Barba!

  14. Nicola!
    I’ve been on Technorati for a long time. I used to breathlessly follow my position every day. I think I got as high as 9,000 or so but with 70,000 new blogs getting born every day youโ€™re fated to only go down and not up unless youโ€™re Jesus Found Dead in His Grave.
    Then I stopped caring about rankings like that because the positioning seemed so soluble and fickle — sort of like the current stats.
    All I really care about are general trends. Are we stable? Growing? Good comments flow? Good enough for me.
    If we’re down โ€“- well, then, thatโ€™s war — and we need more Jesus and more Antonella and much more tarting around in our panties!

  15. Just to let you know – the “Jesus found dead in his grave post” is being featured as “WordPress Blog of the minute” at the moment (11.25 am GMT Wednesday 28th February ).

    Jesus dead is more popular than Scobleizer alive; except, that is, for John Lennon — who is still more popular than both of them put together.

    Jesus dead is more popular than Scobleizer alive; except, that is, for John Lennon — who is still more popular than both of them put together.

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