The Ghost Business: More Adventures in Script Doctoring as The Script Professor

I recently wrote about a fellow who wanted my Script Doctor services via my Script website, and the reaction to that poor guy was so fascinating across all my public and private interwebs, that I decided to offer a follow-up to that adventure. When I do script doctoring, or ghost writing, as The Script Professor, anything goes, and by that I mean, I can fix anything written that is broken — and that includes scripts for television, radio, film and books and scholarly papers and anything else that might be in need of pruning or total rehabilitation.

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Who Killed Google Wave?

UPDATE August 4, 2010:  I now officially have the answer for my inquiry asked six months ago — Who Killed Google Wave? — and the nayslayer is… Google itself.

I want to know why Google Wave was found dead in its grave and who put it there?  It’s been a couple of months since there’s been any news on Wave from Google.  All the interesting active “Waves” have washed out.  What’s up with the Wave?

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Ten Fifty

As he turned fifty, his life was sawed in half.

Cell Phones Sleeping with the Fishes

We already know 93% of students polled sleep with their cell phones, but did you know most people under 40 are being buried with their cell phones after they die?

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Up From the Grave

If you could be resurrected from the grave — re-born by science to become your own twin in a never-ending cycle of life — would you hope for that chance to live your life over again?  

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An Ordinary Jesus

We already know Jesus was found dead in his grave — but the recent news that the entire Jesus “resurrection miracle” may have not been anything terribly special in light of a new discovery of a stone scroll extolling the common practice of dead people arising from their eternal slumber in order to live again decades before our favorite Jewish Messiah made his move — leaves some of us wondering what’s left in the Jesus trunk of miracles.

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Scobleizer Found Dead in His Grave

Don’t let anyone tell you Jesus isn’t good for business! As you can see in the screenshot below my Jesus Found Dead in His Grave post is hot with a rising bullet on the front page much in the same way our Lindsay Lohan series of articles made us super-popular a couple of months ago.

Scobleizer Found Dead in His Grave

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