UPDATE August 4, 2010:  I now officially have the answer for my inquiry asked six months ago — Who Killed Google Wave? — and the nayslayer is… Google itself.

I want to know why Google Wave was found dead in its grave and who put it there?  It’s been a couple of months since there’s been any news on Wave from Google.  All the interesting active “Waves” have washed out.  What’s up with the Wave?

Did Google realize they really didn’t have a Blackboard or Basecamp killer and are letting Wave drown in dryness?

Did Google realize people want more administrative Wave control — like removing people from a Wave and making Waves private instead of public-by-default… because anyone you added could add someone else?

Why the morbid silence from Google on Wave?  Where are my extra invitations?  I have over 50 people looking to get into Wave — but the code updates seem to have stopped as well as the ongoing development of extra-value features.

What are you hearing on the street?  Is Google Wave really dead, or is it just faking its death to collect the insurance money?

If you were in Google Wave — have you experienced any feature changes or additions to the service?  What’s your take on Wave wishing?


  1. Looks like Google Wave added a “read-only access” feature in a new wave — i.e. – one can now grant either a read-only access or a full access to the participants.
    I am disappointed with Google Wave but still didn’t lose hope because I knew it was in “preview” stage…it might recover its strength in future.

  2. Yes! “Read Only” is new! Finally! That’s a feature I did not see a couple of days ago. I agree Wave is in development but there hasn’t been much buzz from Google on it lately. I thought that might be due to the holidays, but now that we’re all in the mix again, I thought we’d have a whole new feature set by now.

  3. I’m glad to see that Google Wave has started to add a couple of new things. I hope they step it up and make it awesome.

  4. They are planning to come up with one more feature in future – “reply only” which will prevent the users from editing other’s blips.
    David, do you need to send invitations by any chance? I think I have 30 more to go…

  5. That’s another good change, but I’m hoping for more dramatic innovations soon. The requests for Wave invites came in through the blogs network so it would not be appropriate to use you invitations for that purpose.

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