Back Channel Blog Comments: The Wages of Sin for Not Facilitating Your Own Social Media Stream

I’ve been professionally writing for most of my life.  In 2004 or so, I bet big on daily blogging, and found a lot of success in the prairie days of the early, roughshod, internet.  Years before that, I was writing for paper and online magazines.

One thing I missed in my dedication to longform writing was the initial wave of mixing traditional work with social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.  So what I did, in effect, was to give over control of the discussion of my articles to the wild internet where — through back channel conversations of which I was not aware — my work was being discussed and evaluated.

Boles Blogs readership has remained vibrant and steady throughout the years and, lately, we’ve even been growing lots of Followers and LIKErs.  All numbers are up across the board, so I wasn’t searching for a cause — or even begging a reaction — concerning our direct-response comments flow.

Funny that people didn’t want to login using Twitter to comment on my articles here, but they were perfectly fine “discussing my work” on Twitter while logged into Twitter.  I understand that meme-shift, though.  Commenting here is participatory.  Starting a new Twitter stream makes you a publisher.  It’s all about dynamic control and perception.  You fight that sort of back-channel co-opting by being there and being alive and watching and responding.

The remedy for that missed meme was to not just propagate new articles into Twitter and Facebook, but to be more proactively lively in the Social Mesh to make more of a difference and to be more easily found.

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Bristol Palin's Baby Wave and Why Real Men Nod

Boys cry — but they don’t wave — and we never Baby Wave like Bristol Palin did last night on Dancing with the Stars.

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Banning the Celebrity Baby Wave

Today, I propose the immediate ban on any celebrity using a “Baby Wave”
— the slow opening and closing of spread fingers closing into a fist with the palm facing you — that red carpet fame carpetbaggers like Paris Hilton and Penelope Cruz and many others routinely use instead of a proper, flat-handed, wave that pivots on the wrist from a visible elbow anchored to the side of the body. In the image below, we have the perfected example of a proper Baby Wave — from Heath Ledger’s daughter Matilda— and since the Baby Wave is from a celebrity baby, we’re fine its flexing and extension.

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Who Killed Google Wave?

UPDATE August 4, 2010:  I now officially have the answer for my inquiry asked six months ago — Who Killed Google Wave? — and the nayslayer is… Google itself.

I want to know why Google Wave was found dead in its grave and who put it there?  It’s been a couple of months since there’s been any news on Wave from Google.  All the interesting active “Waves” have washed out.  What’s up with the Wave?

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Google Wave on your iPhone

Did you know you can use Google Wave on your iPhone?  Just point your Safari iPhone browser to and dismiss the “incompatible browser” warning and click on the “take your chances” link and you’re in on the Wave!

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Google Wave: Blackboard and Basecamp Killer

We have been happily and intensively using Google Wave over the past week and we are impressed with its promise and engineering.

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Get Your Google Wave Invitation Here!

I was thrilled to find a Google Wave invitation waiting for me this morning in my Inbox!  I was a little disappointed I didn’t get into the first round of public beta testing.  I was certain I had goofed up my application by thinking Wave was a reinvention of Sites instead of a rebirth of email.  Here’s the evidence, though, that I must have done something right to get in on the second Google Wave!

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