Boys cry — but they don’t wave — and we never Baby Wave like Bristol Palin did last night on Dancing with the Stars.

Real Men nod.  Sometimes, we even tip our caps.

The other day, Janna and I were strolling together around our neighborhood when we passed by the corner bodega.  The deli man was standing outside.

Janna waved at him.

I nodded.

He waved and nodded back.

After we turned the corner, Janna immediately asked why I didn’t wave to him.

“I nodded.  Same thing.”

“Not the same thing,” she said.  “A wave is friendlier than a nod.  He’s our neighbor.  You have to wave at him next time.”

“A nod is better than a wave,” I reasoned, “because it’s quicker, manlier, and more direct.  There’s no ‘to and fro’ involved.  One smooth motion. He nodded back, ya know.”

“He was just being polite.  He waved first.  If you hadn’t nodded, he wouldn’t have had to add the nod at all.  Just wave.  It’s easier.”

I nodded in agreement.


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