Did you know you can use Google Wave on your iPhone?  Just point your Safari iPhone browser to wave.google.com and dismiss the “incompatible browser” warning and click on the “take your chances” link and you’re in on the Wave!

Google Wave is quick and nasty on the iPhone.  Navigation is natural and easy.

Creating new Waves is simple and intuitive.

Google Wave on the iPhone works just as you would expect it it behave based on your computer interaction with Wave.  Click on the giant “+” sign to add people to your Wave.

Or click on the “Contact” link and pick your participants with your finger and you’re set!

You can also use the keyboard to search for participants.

Replying to a Wave on the iPhone is a surprisingly spry and witty experience.

Here’s the Wave navigation panel.  You bring it forward by touching on the “Google Wave” logo:

Oh, and even though Google plays coy in saying iPhone is unsupported for Wave, your good common sense tells a different story. 

In Safari, choose to add Google Wave to your iPhone “Home Screen” and you’ll get a delicious and delightful, Google-created, “Wave” logo as you can see in a screenshot below from my iPhone.

Fire up your iPhone and start Waving your life away!  You won’t regret a moment of it.


  1. How neat this is to discover. I’m still waiting for my Wave invite ya know. Can’t wait to try this out.

  2. Ummm…. uh…. I’m going to get you a Wave invite, Anne, I am, I am! I really didn’t think you were that hot to get one that fast. Unfortunately, you missed this round, but I’ll make it up to you in the next!

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