The Unrepentant: Hart Bochner Would Rather Kill You than Kiss You

Hart Bochner is one of those deliciously rare character actors who can grab a role and make it belong only to him. Danger is his essence.  You love to loathe him.  Hart usually plays the bad guy in a movie and he does the dark side so evilly well.

Over the weekend, we watched the middling 1998 movie Break Up on Netflix starring the always fantastic Bridget Fonda — who has been sadly missing in entertainment action since her 2003 car accident when she broke her back — and the always infamous Hart Bochner.

The movie stars Bridget, but the story belongs to Hart.

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Who Killed Google Wave?

UPDATE August 4, 2010:  I now officially have the answer for my inquiry asked six months ago — Who Killed Google Wave? — and the nayslayer is… Google itself.

I want to know why Google Wave was found dead in its grave and who put it there?  It’s been a couple of months since there’s been any news on Wave from Google.  All the interesting active “Waves” have washed out.  What’s up with the Wave?

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A Rat's Life Ends in a Penn Station Bloodbath

Rats have a rough life in the Big Apple. They are feared, even hated. In many subway stations there are signs warning people to be careful because rat poison has been sprayed in the area. A few months ago, I walked into a subway station and watched a rat that must have been about three quarters of a foot long just walk around as though he owned the place — with no problem. That was not the case last Friday, when people in Penn Station proved that even though we have passed the time of the gladiators, the mentality has not left us.

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Kill all the Pigs

“Kill all the pigs!” — was the fallow and forsaken outcry in Egypt.  “If the pigs are dead,” the ill-rationed reasoning flew, “then we won’t get the swing flu virus.”  Oh, how woefully wrong they were.

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Machine Over Man

We love a good “The Robots Are Coming” story and we always get a thrill as we contemplate the idea that one day our toaster will turn against us and brown us instead of our daily bread, but when the Big Thinkers get together to warn each other about machines that can think on their own and react without us, we begin to pee our pants a wee bit.

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Death at a WalMart Stampede

A WalMart worker was stomped to death yesterday in the opening of a Valley Stream store on Black Friday. 

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