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Never Write the Moment, Write the Memory

Many authors are taught to write in the now and to write in the moment — and while that idea is good and fine — it does not always allow for introspection from the distance of time.

If we write from memory, instead of from the moment, we immediately enrich our lives, and the experience for the reader, because wisdom and yearning are embedded in the word.

Memes and their memories create shared intelligence.

Memory imbues intellect and emotion belies meaning. 

Memory leads us onto paths we share, but have yet to discover, while emotion — made of fuzziness and heartache — confuses and misleads us by bending light. 

The Danger of Emotion Over Memory

To live is to remember. To die is to decay in emotion. We have become lost. We value inconsistent emotion over verifiable shared memory and the result of that dissolution of appropriate duty is the loss of cultural immortality as a cogent people.

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Pet Food that Kills Pets and Emotional Urbanization

I have been wanting to write about the massive — in the hundreds of millions pounds — recall of tainted pet food sold in America, but there hasn’t been time for reflection and distance to help provide context and meaning of pet owners unwittingly killing their pets with food they purchase to keep them healthy.

I realize now is the moment to step forward in light of today’s New York Times article — explaining how it is a conflict of cultures, an acquiescence of values, and a shared economic drive between companies and countries to save as much money as possible — that threatened our animals and killed our pets:

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The Colors of Love

by Nancy McDaniel

I never realized before how much the sunrise is like the sweetest, most complete act of making love. But you have to be up early to see it from the very beginning to experience the whole, perfect joyous beauty of it.

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