New Boles Book for Becoming Job Ready!

Today, I am pleased to share with you my new book — a Boles Book for Becoming Job Ready — and I wrote the book to help young people learn how to wend their way into a new job marketplace, an area that is getting tougher, and more crowded, to survive in, and conquer, every day.


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The Oaxaca Angels of Silence are Watching You

When the employment environment shrivels into a withering blistering of mind and home and family, Deaf individuals often have a harder time than their able-bodied counterparts in trying to find meaningful work.  The trick is to exploit the specific skill sets a Deaf person has that can triumph over their Hearing workplace competition.  In Oaxaca, Mexico the answer has been found — and the solution is both cleansing and clarifying.

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The Sad Devaluation of Military Experience

When I was visiting Israel in 1998, my cousin told me that his friends who had been in the military — meaning all of them (The Israeli military requires men and women at the age of 18 to serve for up to three years) had varying levels of success in finding work but there was one common thread — the higher their rank, the better they did in terms of getting jobs that paid more. I found this to be a commendable thing but at the time I thought that this was fairly commonplace.

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Tempering Teenage Angst

Teenagers easily get bored.  To fill that idle time they can study, play or work.  Sometimes that idle time turns into crime in the streets and the best way to use teen energy is to put it to work in the marketplace so they become vested and productive movers in the community.  There’s no better cure for teen angst than working for your daily bread.

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Surrounded by Taco Hell and Eating on the Cheap

For nearly five years I worked from my apartment, wherever that was. I moved from one place to another and yet I still was working in the privacy of my own home with no one to tell me that I couldn’t work in my boxers if I wanted to. Somehow, boxer working never lost its appeal to me. It all changed when my main client could no longer afford to pay me and I had to get a job in “the real world” — a scary place where people wear trousers and can’t stroll into their kitchens for lunch.

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Kate: Chapter 16

Browsing somewhere around the self-help section, Felix felt two hands cover his eyes. He then heard what he assumed to be the voice of the person to whom the hands belonged say, “I’m going to give you three guesses, and one of them had better be right.”

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