Today, I am pleased to share with you my new book — a Boles Book for Becoming Job Ready — and I wrote the book to help young people learn how to wend their way into a new job marketplace, an area that is getting tougher, and more crowded, to survive in, and conquer, every day.


Here’s a sample from the book to help give you a taste of the idea: 

Finding a first job can be a confusing and disappointing experience if you are not prepared — especially if you are young and in high school and hoping to make your first jump into the the job market.

I can help you land in a good place.

This learning precis, this — Boles Book for Becoming Job Ready — will give you 10 simple steps for finding success in the marketplace by using careful preparation, and blunt advice, for presenting yourself for hire in the marketplace of ideas and hard work.

Work makes us stronger and a better citizen because we can pay our own way, provide for our families, and begin to live an independent life where we become our own master.

I thank you for sharing this time with me so I could tell you about Becoming Job Ready — and for supporting all our new Boles Book for… projects — I really hope you enjoy reading my new book!


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