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Equality and Un-Equality: The Human in Society

by Mary Ann Greco

“All men are created equal” is a fundamental principle in our Government’s constitution. This principle recognizes the natural order of the human condition, “all men are created un-equal”. “Equalization” of the human in society is a responsibility of those who govern. (Equalization is the process of balancing. Here it is used in reference to the human in society). It is a goal, an aim, a never-ending road, but an “ideal” we strive for in order to establish fair practice in societies. This begins from the smallest social group, the family, through to nations.

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Upside Down & Inside Out

by Nancy McDaniel

I’m at that age, “A Woman of a Certain Age” (Isn’t that what The French call middle age? Or is it semi-old age? I think we need a new term for us Boomers. Fifty-two can’t be middle age because that would mean I would live until 104. This is not likely, especially with the not-so-great genes I inherited. Besides, although I like Willard Scott quite a bit– even better when he was Ronald McDonald many years ago — I don’t like him well enough to live past 100 just to get a Smucker’s birthday salute. So if 52 is not middle age, then what is it? Certainly not golden age – what a dreadful term. Centrum calls it silver; they ask “isn’t it great to be silver?” I’d rather be platinum, I think. Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s “going platinum.” Kind of like selling a lot of records. But not actually selling them, really just being old enough to have bought a lot of them — 45s and even 78s mostly)

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