Are Gays finally on their way to not just being equal in America, but to also having some equity in a society that has generally forsaken them?

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is history.

Iowa and Vermont made Gay marriage history.

Did the wretchedness of Proposition 8 finally push forward the equal and equitable status of Gays in America; and will the rest of the nation fall into place and celebrate human love and the consecration of holy matrimony in all aspects and conditions?

Can, and should we, make the world safe for Gay marriage?

BAGHDAD — The relative freedom of a newly democratic Iraq and the recent improvement in security have allowed a gay subculture to flourish here. The response has been swift and deadly.

In the past two months, the bodies of as many as 25 boys and men suspected of being gay have turned up in the huge Shiite enclave of Sadr City, the police and friends of the dead say. Most have been shot, some multiple times. Several have been found with the word “pervert” in Arabic on notes attached to their bodies, the police said.

Is Barack Obama back to backing his support of Gay Rights?

Or are we only in a national lull before the wave of “Faggot” insults begin to wash over us all again?


  1. I hope we are on the path to getting away from schoolchildren calling each other the f word. It’s long overdue.

  2. In Jewish law there really isn’t such a thing as gay marriage. I guess they were amongst the first to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

  3. They could certainly get a formal Jewish wedding – so long as they did not go to an Orthodox rabbi for it. It is done all the time by Reform and Reconstructionist (and other branches) Rabbis.

  4. That’s good to know, Gordon. So when a marriage like that happens, does the more conservative branch of Judaism accepts or ignore the notion of Jewish men marrying each other?

  5. Hi David,
    Gay marriage is still not legal in India, though there is a vibrant gay life in some cities…I don’t know how long this country will suffer from the ostrich syndrome.

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