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From Ape to Man to God

We share 98% of our DNA with orangutans and lest you think it is our opposable thumb that separates us from apes, think again by taking a look at this thrilling photo of an orangutan hand (left) connecting with a human hand (right) that was published as the photo of the month in Editor & Publisher.

Orangutan and Human Hands

Oh, what a different that 2% makes.

God and Man

Beating Free Speech in Kansas

In the ongoing debate over Intelligent Design, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported today:

The University of Kansas religion professor whose proposed course on the “mythology” of intelligent design sparked an uproar last month said he was beaten up early Monday morning by two men who were angry over his disparaging remarks about Christians…..

Paul Mirecki, who is chairman of the religious-studies department at Kansas, had proposed a course called “Special Topics in Religion: Intelligent Design, Creationism, and Other Religious Mythologies.” The title itself angered intelligent-design proponents, who objected to being lumped in with “other religious mythologies.”

Professor Mirecki canceled the class last week and his dissent from the majority was silenced.

Vatican Astronomer Rejects Intelligent Design

In my article New Evolution I argued “Intelligent Design” was neither “Intelligent” nor a “Design” and it was in no way Science. I am pleased to report yesterday the Vatican’s chief astronomer, the
Rev. George Coyne, joined me in proclaiming Intelligent Design as a
fraud masquerading as faith:

Intelligent design isn’t science even though it pretends to
be. If you want to teach it in schools, intelligent design should be
taught when religion or cultural history is taught, not science.

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New Evolution

The October 7, 2005 edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required) reported:

The chancellor of the University of Kansas sent an e-mail message to all faculty and staff members last week stating that evolution is the “unifying principle of modern biology” and that there is no contradiction between that view and a belief in God. In an interview he added that opponents of evolution make Kansas seem like an “anti-science state.”

The Chronicle article continued:

The chancellor, Robert E. Hemenway, said the message had
been prompted by a number of professors who asked him to speak out on
the increasingly controversial issue. It also followed recent remarks
by Steve Abrams, chairman of the Kansas Board of Education, that belief
in the Bible and in evolution were not compatible. The Board of
Education, which oversees public schools, has no control over the
university. Even so, Mr. Hemenway was concerned that Mr. Abrams’s
comment contributed to the perception that Kansans don’t value science.

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A Mentally Disabled Evolution on the Value of Human Life

by Tammy Tillotson

Modern advances in science and medicine are redefining human perceptions concerning the extent of power and control that can be exercised over the evolution and reproduction of the human species. As population control has become a pressing issue for many countries, attempts to curb increasing density statistics has raised the scientific and ethical issue of which human lives are, in essence, more evolutionarily important for survival of the species.

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