Bankrupting Healthcare

We need a fair and sustainable national healthcare system in the United States.  People are suffering while insurance companies, hospitals, and other animated fat cats reap the benefits from the weak and infirm while the families of the sick line up for bankruptcy court.

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Does Fair Mean Unhappy?

Yesterday, during an intensive discussion of murdered doctor George Tiller,
I made this comment concerning the Hegelian idea of tragedy:

As my first attorney told me: “If no one on either side is happy after I write up a contract, then I know I’ve done my job.”

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Carbon-Fiber Legs Racing for Olympic Gold

Oscar Pistorius is our modern day Bionic Man — but that doesn’t mean he any sort of mechanical advantage over average-bodied runners — even though the International Association of Athletics Federations originally banned him from competition for that very, mechanical, reason:

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CBCInnovis and Fair Isaac Think Janna is Dead

Yesterday, Janna was shocked and horrified to learn CBCInnovis and “Fair Issac” think she is deceased!

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Google and Fair Use

If you buy a book, do you own that book or have you only rented the content in that book?  Under the current Copyright law, you may loan that book and share that book, but you may not copy the book and give those copies to your friends or sell those copies to your enemies.

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