Chris Hemsworth Betrays His Gender

Chris Hemsworth is a big movie star. He just finished up a blurp as Thor in the Avengers movie serials, and he’s currently the lead in the latest disappointing Men In Black installment. Chris Hemsworth also has a new workout/lifestyle App that I have supported since day one as a yearly subscribing “founding member” and I have been generally pleased with the Centr App that bears Chris Hemsworth’s name and likeness — though he really doesn’t appear to be involved, at all, in the day-to-day running of the App; but the App is filled with Chris’ people, his trainer, his food guy, his movie body double, and so if the Hemsworth name sells the App, the Hemsworth name accepts all challengers to the fitness of the fairness of the programs.

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Due Process for Graduate Students

A year ago, we argued for Due Process
in every aspect of the university, and today, we are delighted to
support the same sort of “due process” for graduate students as
demanded by the AAUP:

Imagine the following scene:
graduate students arrive for their first semester at a major Ivy League
university, each with a letter promising a stipend and tuition waiver
in exchange for working as teaching assistants. On the first day of
class they show up to their various classes and sit waiting for the
instructor. After ten or fifteen minutes, one after another they head
to the department office to tell the staff the instructor has never
arrived. They all receive the same answer: “You ARE the instructor.”
Unfortunately, we are not imagining the scene. We are reporting on it,
minus the name of the institution.

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The Illusion of Free Speech

Americans have a solid faith in the expression of “Freedom of
Speech” — but only as long as they agree with what is being expressed.
If the speech is unpopular, or in need of condemning by community
standards, then the speech is repressed and made costly in the loss of
its ranging.

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The Fallacy of Fairness

There is no such thing as impartiality.

We are not required — by a sense of honor or a requirement of fairness — to endlessly listen to all sides of an issue.

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Why Do Unions Murder Their Young?

When we do not understand the cause in our human lives, we can look to the Animal Kingdom for clues, insight and an explanation of human nature in the driving, evolutionary, animalistic and ruthless behavior, that is evident in the preservation of the individual being in purpose and want. 

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