There is no such thing as impartiality.

We are not required — by a sense of honor or a requirement of fairness — to endlessly listen to all sides of an issue.

There is right and there is wrong and giving wrong the same footing
as right in a discussion is a needless improvisation of a basic
fairness concept that should not exist.

In a discussion of right and wrong we are led into the depths of good and evil. 

Does evil deserve the same standing and propulsion of its views on
equal ground with good?  No.  Never.  In some cultures the answer to
that question is, unfortunately, “always.”

We must only always fight those who choose to obfuscate goodness and truth with evil and lies. 

It is up to us to say, “We are not interested in your deception and
your untruths, and we do not have to give you access to our eyes and
ears or to the hearts of others we love, respect and must protect.”