YUUUP! Storage Wars is Fake!

Dave Hester — of silly Storage Wars YUUUP! infamy — is of one of those odd, and sadly self-serious, folk who happen to wind up on “reality” television and are then routinely surprised when people like us, who have never met them in person before, yet still know precisely who they are just by watching how poorly they treat others on television.  This phenomenon is uncommonly known as “The Kardashian Effect” or, less routinely, perhaps, as “The Mark of Dave Hester.”

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Fox News Asks Me to Call

As the publisher of 13 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network, I write a lot of articles and I get tons of requests from other press organizations for interviews.  I have learned to generally ignore any request that comes from a mainstream media outlet because they really just want you to do their background research for them — but without any reciprocal links back or appropriate recognition of the work you do for them.  Here’s an example of a request from Fox News that landed in my Inbox late Tuesday night with a story deadline of the next day.

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Finding Memeing Auto-Tuning

The transmission of the news has evolved significantly in the last century. We have moved from a point in time in which newspapers were published twice a day and the term “breaking news” had some real significance to a point where print newspapers are struggling to survive and news is broken within milliseconds of it happening, not hours or days later. With an increasing number of copy editors getting fired and cable channels dedicated to news that ultimately is more filler than real news, where is a person to turn for real informative news that is interesting as well?

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SpreedNews Review

SpreedNews is the fast way get updated on the world spinning around you.  SpreedNews is a news aggregator with a twist:  You read your news super fast.  You don’t need Evelyn Wood when you have SpreedNews.

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News Must Be Critical

The role of any news department is to be critical in its coverage.

We do not need fawning and admiration from those delivering the news to us.

We need objectivity that is only created with a critical eye and deep analysis of what is happening to us in the world.

One must not need include two sides for any story.  Sometimes one side lies in order to cover the truths of the other and if those lies are proffered to us as “fairness in coverage” then those providing the podium for the lies are just as guilty of lying as those inventing the mistruths.

Our major media outlets need to step away from power and politics and money and return their loyalty and protections to the people who seek the truth in reporting from them even if it means the revelation of darkness pretending to be light and blood covering bodies in pieces.

Blog Depression in Fourteen Million

Do blogs create democracy and foment The Citizen Journalist?

Or are all bloggers just begging the wind?

Here are some sobering numbers reported on The McLaughlin Group over the weekend:

  • 140,000 new blogs started each day
  • One blog is created every second
  • 14 million new blogs are started a year

Is there a point to blogging any longer or will the little people with the small — but important — voices be drowned out by the traditional Big Media sites who will suck all the bandwidth and chew up all the pertinent search returns?

Is the Golden Age of Blogging now dead?