Falling into the Fallow and Hollering into the Hollow

Well, today arrived.

Donald Trump is now the President of these United States, and I can’t help but feel as if the USA just stepped into a giant hole; and no, this isn’t about liberals or conservatives or Democrats or Republicans — this is only, and merely, about the habit of moral character, and the lack thereof — in our no-longer President-Elect.

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Plowing Hollow Lives in Fallow Land

As an author, you must focus your life on writing good stuff.

Many authors are more obsessed with achieving fame instead of creating greatness in their words.

When fame is the locus of your life — instead of good writing — your perspective is skewed to serving the middling taste of mainstream success.

When you instead concentrate on construction and on craft — you are concerned about the story and the showing of the drama in the lives you hope to perpetuate — and that means you feed the world instead of starving it with selfishness.

If your writing is good, fame will follow.

Fame without good writing plows hollow lives in fallow land.