Well, today arrived.

Donald Trump is now the President of these United States, and I can’t help but feel as if the USA just stepped into a giant hole; and no, this isn’t about liberals or conservatives or Democrats or Republicans — this is only, and merely, about the habit of moral character, and the lack thereof — in our no-longer President-Elect.

There is no doubt — followed by an encyclopedic field of experience in his business and personal lives — that Donald Trump is only about himself, not us, and never deals in the truth.

Aristotle recognized such beasts from far away in history to warn us away today.

It is difficult to not be concerned with the people Trump has cornered himself with as advisors and cabinet members. The height of irony is purposefully appointing people to have dominion over departments they plan to dismantle.

That’s the new way. This is our new meme. Nihilism. Cynicism. Disgust. All on purpose, and none of it on point.

We make ourselves right through education, understanding, and empathy.  No bank ever created a moral human being. No refusal to acknowledge a static truth ever resulted in a rich man becoming poorer.

Now that we know the landscape of the arriving four years — what now? How does one fight back against apathy in the media, and disconnection in the majority (but not in the electoral college)? Our system of human believing is broken, and Trump claims the mandate that only he knows how to fix it — but the rotted reality is that he is precisely the one who crumbled his own argument, and then seeded a demon field.

Now is the time for his reaping — but what was sown is nothing but a shadow on the wind, and a bit of mist in the dusty musty.

A real revolution is coming — and the current two-party system will have to be disassembled, and demolished, for the idea to propel forward — because all sides of formal representation have been tainted, and poisoned, by big money; and the regular people, the ordinary folk who still reminisce about the American Dream, and in the righteousness of caring for each other, are all left standing in a fallow field, spade in hand, ready to work, and yet there is only dust swirling with no purpose or dedication.

That is the lesson of the 2016 election. Everyone above you talks. Nobody below you cares. In the end, from the middle, you pay what you owe — and you also pay down what those surrounding you owe — because they only want to play.

When will the field sentry drop the workhouse tool and fight or flee? Or is it too late for making a difference, and dying is the only debrided path forward for those who always pay, and for those who are always punished, and for those who never get their fair due for the work they’ve already done?

Some of those still standing alone believed Trump was their answer — and they will quickly learn he is absolutely in complete opposition of their real and necessary hopes and needs — and those moral folk will have to act fast to save their own lives, and the union, and the rest of us, and they will have to actively seek absolution against the unwitting sin of believing in a glinting lie folded in gold, because precious metal doesn’t plow a field, and the false alchemy of a promise never delivered never makes you feel better beyond the gilt.