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Beauty and Gore

Recent movies such as 300 and The Hitcher prove there is a written disconnect between aesthetic, the body, and gore as expressed in the higher calling of community welfare and the darkest depths effervescent commodity.

One film proves there is humanity and purpose in bloodshed while the other confirms we lose our hearts in the unnecessary testimony of individual cruelty rioting in rivulets of blood across the screen.

What causes one mind to write such beauty in dismay, while another pens purgatory for profit?

Favorites of 2006

I’m not anticipating anything earthshattering to be released or to happen in the next fifteen days and so I present to you my favorites of 2006 a good two weeks earlier than it has been traditionally released.

A lot of albums were released during the year but not a lot of them caught my attention, and many of those that did somehow didn’t manage to keep it for all that long. I have two albums in mind for this year – the eponymous Pearl Jam release and the soundtrack to the Disney film High School Musical.

Pearl Jam’s eponymous album was a nice return to a strong rocking band. It takes its place among some of my favorite albums ever. From the moment you open up the avocado emblazened album and put it in to the last moments of the last song you realize what a good thing you have. I was particularly pleased with the fact that for a limited time Pearl Jam basically gave away the mp3 of the first single off of the album, “World Wide Suicide.” I was unable to see them when they were playing at The Gorge in George, Washington (yes, very funny) but I know that the next time they are around I will certainly make a good effort to see them. The album as a whole is a no-punches held back crticism of the current government in power in the United States and the directions that we have taken in foreign policy. I think you could say that the band doesn’t particularly agree with the direction being taken.

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Apple Shake 4.1 Review

Apple Shake 4.1 is a high-level Apple Shake 4.1professional digital composting tool now aimed directly at the pro-consumer market.

Shake used to be a $10,000.00 USD product. Then it was a $5,000.00 USD product. In 2004 Shake 3.5 cost $3,500.00 USD. Today you can purchase Shake 4.1 — now as a Universal Application — for around $400.00 USD.

Why was Shake so expensive? Shake was — and still is — the program professional movie production houses use to create special 2D and 3D effects. 

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Final Cut Studio 5.1 Review

Final Cut Studio 5.1 Final Cut Studio 5.1 is the newest powerhouse editing and production suite from Apple.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 by your side you can edit, produce and distribute professional quality video.
After recovering from the sticker-shock of shelling out $1,200.00 USD for Final Cut Studio 5.1, you immediately begin to see the magic of the suite and the fact that Final Cut Studio 5.1 now works natively on Intel-Macs as a Universal Application makes life even faster and sweeter!

Make sure you check the technical requirements for Final Cut Studio 5.1 before you buy because you will need a lot of horsepower to run this suite on your machine.
With Final Cut Studio 5.1 you have — at your trembling fingertips — the same software professional movie makers and television programs use to create their shows. 

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Favorites of 2005

The yearly tradition of writing about the year in the last 48 hours that remain of the year continues, with 2005 being yet another spectacular one for favorites. I once more reiterate the standard year end disclaimer that these are just my favorites, and that you very well may detest each and every single item that I so adore.

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Rent, the film based on the Broadway musical, is being released to theaters nationwide today. Elizabeth, Allison and I, along with hundreds of other lucky individuals, got the opportunity to see it Monday. It brought back pleasant memories of seeing Rent twice in the last six and a half years. It was also one of the best films I have seen this year, at least, in terms of English language films.

My girlfriend of the time and I had broken up and I was still quite upset. Perhaps to get my mind off of things, my mother suggested a five day trip to London followed by a few weeks in Israel with my cousin Gadi. It was during the five day stay in London that I got to see Rent – I’m not sure if Israel has gotten to have Rent produced yet, or if it would be successful. Before the breakup, we were going to go and see Beauty and the Beast on my birthday – that being July 30th. I gave her back the tickets when we broke up as I felt that it would be inappropriate to see it given the circumstances. Interestingly enough, I ended up leaving for London on my birthday.

The flight was one of the best I have ever had, chiefly because I had a box of Krispy Kreme donuts and was more than willing to share them. The airline steward asked if I had brought enough for everyone. Sadly, I did not, but he was okay with that. Some of them came over to my seat to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, and I think I just about had an entire pot of British Airways tea. Honestly, I’m not sure what sort of tea they use. It’s certainly not Tetley.

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Mumbai Movie Madness

Alarmists and concerned parents around the United States are growing increasingly worried about the state of entertainment in the United States. It’s becoming more and more difficult to go to see a decent film without worrying about seeing heaps of violence and acts of moral depravity, they say. Drug usage is rampant and viewed in a positive light. Everyone and their cousin sleeps with everyone else – and their cousin. The complaints are many and the studies could fill a library, but the solutions are few. Enter my proposed solution: watch more movies made in India.

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