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Favorites of 2009

The year was an interesting one, to say the least. It saw me relocating to a more permanent place of dwelling — my futon surfing days are over. It also saw me finding new interests in the music field, including a re-ignition for my passion for vinyl.

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Harry Potter Shenanigans

Odd things were afoot last night when I went to see the new Harry Potter film – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. From the sudden blockage of access to the toilet at Starbucks to a queue that was invented — and then became very real in the minds of its followers to the attempt to orchestrate a “classic” Potter fandom son — it was a strange evening that didn’t end until nearly four in the morning.

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The Nature of the Producer

The nature of the producer is to provide money for a creative project and manage the schedule for getting things done.  The best producers are invisible.  The producer’s essence is felt, but their being fades into the background to support the vision of others.

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The Nature of the Director

The nature of the director in any form — movies, television, stage, radio — is to serve the spirit of the script. 

A director is not the master of the script — the director must be a slave to the written word in order to understand the greater purpose of the writing.

Many directors believe they are co-authors of a work and that is wrong. 

Weak authors create strong directors and that wrongful power dyad is always terrible for the script.

A script is not a blueprint or an architectural dream.

A script is the bones, sinew, muscle, heart and being of any project.

For anyone other than the author to change the work in situ or to re-arrange established ideas on the page is to threaten the very core of the project that risks creating the common and the ordinary failure that reeks in the marketplace and is immediately forgotten by those in the audience who writhe and yearn for meaning in their escape into entertainment.

Favorites of 2007

Ah, another year, another list of things that I really liked. I’m sorry to say but you won’t find any of these things under your chair once you have finished reading this article – I’m not quite Oprah, alas.

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