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Favorites of 2004

As the year will be over in a matter of fewer than 50 hours, I felt it was time to continue the relatively new tradition of listing my favorite things from the year. Once again, I start with the disclaimer that the following is strictly a matter of opinion, and that my favorites might very well be your least favorite.

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Favorites of 2003

The year ends in a matter of a couple of weeks, and so I thought I would start a new tradition here at GO INSIDE Magazine by writing about what I felt were the best things in certain areas. The disclaimer of course being that this is just my own opinion, and you are free to think that I have the worst taste in whichever subject matter since (you can insert your own person with bad taste here.) After all, I am not saying that these are the best of the year, these just happen to be the ones I have as my favorites.

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