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The P90X Review: The Beginning

Gordon Davidescu wrote this article.

I am a Big Man.  I am a Pretty Man.  I am: The Gordon Davidescu. 

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Wai Lana Yoga Hello Fitness

In my review of Wai Lana’s Easy Yoga Workout, I shared with you my experiences as an avid exerciser who, it turns out, has little to no flexibility in the back and hamstrings. The Hello Fitness series of videos improves upon the Easy series by inspiring new heights of emotion and accomplishment.

Yoga has been on the earth for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a way of unifying your body with the spirit around you through movement and meditation. Wai Lana helps you realize yourself by slowing and methodically taking you through each asana (Yoga posture) for maximum benefit. Born in Hong Kong, Wai Lana has been spreading the beauty of Yoga throughout the world for over 15 years. You may have seen one of her 200 episodes of Wai Lana Yoga on your local PBS television station.

Review Lights
I will rate each Wai Lana Yoga Hello Fitness video individually with our standard system of one to five Go Inside Magazine Review Lights. Five green GO lights are best while all red STOP lights are the worst. The results and comments I share along the way should not be taken as a guarantee of product or a promise of performance. Before starting any new exercise regimen, consult with your doctor first to review your potential for working with any Yoga program. I’ll also place a text tag under the Review Lights so you’ll know the colors of the lights in case you choose to print out this review on a black and white printer.

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