Blogging the Bodily Fluids Stream

Today, I woke up.

  • I wiped the sand from my eyes. 
  • Ten minutes later I did a little Shaker peeing and splashed some of that good yellow stuff on the toilet seat. 
  • Two minutes after that, I blew my nose and threw the tissue in the wastebasket near the toilet I fouled. 
  • 30 seconds later, I cried a little bit because of the loss of my pee stream aim because I am getting older. 
  • Three minutes later, I wiped the crying snot on my shirtsleeve.

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The Blistex Urinal Cake

The never-ending quest to find the best lip ointment led me to discover a delightful — but silly-named — balm called: “Blistex Lip Infusion Cherry Splash.” The great thing about this Blistex sheer liquid balm is its giant ball-bearing applicator that glides over your lips like a whisper of butterfly kisses. You are not only soothed, but besotted as well! There is, however, an odd smell embedded in the Blistex lip infusion. It is advertised as “Cherry” but it has a more familiar tang to it than just plain fruit. There is something medicinal about the cherry aftertaste. It tends to leave a bad aroma in your mouth. Oh, if I could only place that old-time familiar smell…

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