Return of 17-Year Cicadas

As the Spring warms the air and welcomes the emergence of crawly creatures back into the light, the East Coast is beginning to buzz in anticipation of the return of periodical cicadas. From Georgia to New York, we can expect to see the winged bugs — Magicicadas — leave their underground burrows and emerge from their 17 year stay in the soil.

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Contrails and the Pointless Flight

Here in the Boles Blogs Network we have been concerned with the idea of visible chemical residue left by airplane contrails for awhile, and while the whole thing sometimes makes me just want to put on a tin foil hat and try to block out the world for awhile, I cannot help but snap to attention when I see that other people around the country occasionally notice the curious contrails as well.

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Pet Airways Takes Flight

We love animals but we have always been frustrated for an easy way to transport them long distances.  With Pet Airways taking flight in the marketplace, we finally have a safe and effective way to fly our pets from endpoint to endpoint.

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No Regrets Except for One

I do not believe in regret.  We live our lives.  We make decisions.  We must live with the decisions we make because we cannot travel back in time to make amends for bad behavior or mulligan immoral responses to moral conditions.

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Casting Stones at UFOs

The recent group suicide of the Heaven’s Gate community is quite a fascinating and vivid example of the power of Faith in the Greater Glory of a Higher Calling. It doesn’t matter if you support how Heaven’s Gate chose to express their Faith – their action is a curious study of a group’s dynamic ability to move beyond the physical world and reach out to touch something greater than themselves.

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