We love animals but we have always been frustrated for an easy way to transport them long distances.  With Pet Airways taking flight in the marketplace, we finally have a safe and effective way to fly our pets from endpoint to endpoint.

Here’s the blurp from the Pet Airways website describing why the service is so superb:

  1. Pets Fly in the main cabin Not in the cargo hold.
  2. A Trained Pet Attendant is always monitoring your pet.
  3. We make sure there is plenty of fresh, cool air at all times.
  4. Pets are never left unattended in a warehouse or on a ramp.
  5. No need to buy a pet carrier, we provide it FREE of charge.
  6. Peace of mind that your pet is in the hands of pet professionals.
  7. If you’re delayed don’t worry; your pet is in good hands.
  8. No hot or cold weather restrictions that prevent pets from flying.

We are thrilled and excited by Pet Airways and we can only hope they are able to quickly expand their flying circles to include every airport in every corner of the world.


  1. That is an excellent idea and I’m surprised that nobody thought of it beforehand.

  2. I just got this on my Twitter feed from Pet Airways:

    @bolesblogs I agree we even clean the poop up for our pawsengers!

    I love that company so much!

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