Never Dog Ear a Library Book!

For most of my school life, books were on loan for the year and then returned back to the school. At the beginning of the school year, we were given the books we needed and inscribed our names onto a bookplate which had been pasted into the book when it was originally purchased by the school. I was always very careful with the books I got from the school — it was not my property to do with as I wanted.

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Pet Airways Takes Flight

We love animals but we have always been frustrated for an easy way to transport them long distances.  With Pet Airways taking flight in the marketplace, we finally have a safe and effective way to fly our pets from endpoint to endpoint.

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Dying to Die: Failing New Jersey Palliative Care

Dr. Michelle Reisner, medical director of the Palliative Care program at Jersey City Medical Center, isn’t out to kill you — but she does want to help you die with dignity and grace.

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The Human Shame of Proposition Two

Do farm animals have rights?  Do they deserve legal protection during their lives before they meet their deaths on your dinner table?  In California, Proposition 2 is November 4 ballot initiative — better known as the “Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act” — and I wonder why we even need to provide that protection and why we don’t naturally have it in us to humanely tend those that feed so many as part of our basic human nature.

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Begging From Your Blog

I stumbled across a blog this morning — — where a woman was crying about how poor she was and how she couldn’t clothe her kids and how her welfare check would barely cover her bills in December.

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