Do you think all Veterinarians should be required to be vegetarians?

If all Veterinarians are not vegetarians — doesn’t that post an alarming disconnect in the caring for the animal?

How can you eat animals while healing them as your profession?

How’s this for the penultimate conflict of interest:  “I can’t save Petunia the pig tonight; but I’ll have her as a slab of bacon in the morning.”


  1. Oh, definitely. The idea that a doctor would eat one of his potential patients is just sickening and makes me a bit sad.

  2. I wonder, Gordon, if there’s a chart somewhere listing the ratio of “patient eating” Veterinarians vs. those that have “Gone Veg?”

  3. What about vegetarian pets? I’ve read about people who keep their pets on a strict vegetarian or even vegan diet and have healthy pets.

  4. Hi Gordon —
    That is certainly an important condition to consider, though most vets will tell you animals need to eat other animals in order to get all their nutrients. Others, as you suggest, argue any animal can sustain a long lifetime on veggies only.

  5. I thought at first it was a joke blog but it seems the guy is serious. It is in fact a terrible argument that he makes.

  6. I think it’ a good point. Why not ask your vet if he or she eats meat? Fair question that should tell you lots about what they care about.

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