Have you ever noticed how “Busy People” — people that always reply to any inquiry or favor with, “I’m busy!” — are really the least busy people on the planet?

Where do you think that need to always say you’re busy when you are not is fed and bred?

Is it because the easy answer is always “no” when yes is forever harder?

What happens when you pin down the “busy person” with their schedule that is open and clear?

Are busy people trying to fake the American Work Ethic with words instead of deeds and, if so, what’s in that lie for them in the end?

If you ever want to get anything done, always look for the most overburdened person and request help.  The truly overwhelmed will always agree to help get the job done because their moral duty is rooted in their DNA and embedded in their work ethic.


  1. I have really noticed this! Especially when people come to me with something and I help but when I ask for help, they have no time whatsoever.

  2. Isn’t that just it, Gordon? We help when asked, but when we rarely ask for help — no one is there to help lift us up. It’s such a crazy, awful, thang.

  3. Hi David,
    I think, it reflects the basic attitude – those who are genuinely helpful will help always – regardless of their schedule.

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