No Idea is Forever

We know a promise only lives as long as the one making the promise, and today we must confess that no idea is forever. 

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How to Become Immortal

While it is inhuman to want for immortality — that impossible task is now possible if you have the right tangent and talent.

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Ding Dong the Wicked Netscape is Dead!

We are thrilled to learn of the final demise and ultimate death of Netscape — even though it is only in browser form and not a company any longer.

Netscape, as a company, was one of the most arrogant entities in the mid-90’s as it professed its superiority while sitting on its elegance.  As a browser, Netscape did some good things.  As the company behind the browser — Netscape stink, stank, stunk!

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How FTD Ruined Mothers Day

Janna and I learned a hard lesson yesterday: FTD Ruined Mother’s Day!

Incompetence has many feral fathers and its talent for boorishness is born in a variety of floral colors and indigent mothers — but when it comes to ruining Mother’s Day tomorrow — FTD barely edges out the DHL delivery service for the ultimate “I poop on you!” grand prize.

Janna and I ordered a lovely $60.00 USD bouquet for Janna’s mom in Iowa from the online flower powerhouse FTD — I’ll show you the flowers here virtually tomorrow since that’s the only way they’re ever going to be delivered anywhere — and we were incredibly disappointed to learn yesterday the flowers would not be delivered as promised. 

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