A Misguided Deaf Video Dictionary

Boston University researchers grabbed a $900,000USD grant from the National Science Foundation to capture 3,000 American Sign Language gestures to create a “Deaf Dictionary” that will “interpret” signed video requests for information.  While the idea is good, we certainly feel nobody on the National Science Foundation grant committee is Deaf or has any idea why this sort of project is doomed to failure.

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Bill Gates Buys a Life

I am a Bill Gates fan. I think he is prescient. He is valuable. He blazes a bright path in the dark where others fear to tread.
He’s also smart enough to know nothing lasts forever — except for infamy and shame — and his decision to leave Microsoft on his own terms and on his own timetable demonstrates he knows how to do the right thing even if it may bring him personal heartbreak of purpose and insecurity of mind. 

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