SoundCloud Reruns Howard Stein in Collaboration

Technology is amazing when it can bring back the best of the past and press it forward with new life into the future.  Now that SoundCloud is here — and is a reliable and robust service — I have finally been able to bring together a series of 12 voicemails Dr. Howard Stein left for me in 2011 — he died a year later at 90 — and, with his expressed permission then, as now, I am able to share them with you to help create an arc of a man and his mind in collaboration.

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Buzzer Mashing and Ten Other Rules for Urban Dwelling

There’s nothing worse than living in a big, urban, city — and having neighbors in the same building who don’t know how to effectively live together under the same roof — and abide the very real, but often unrefined, rules of apartment dwelling.

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A Boss is Not a Friend

In America we have, for some reason, come upon the notion that your boss must like you:  Your boss must be your friend.

The problem with that shallow thinking is friendships prefer equality over stratification. Friends don’t like to take orders from friends.

A boss’ job is to instruct, direct and lead and there are no co-boss companies that work well because the direction is divided and opportunity is split like Solomon’s baby.

If your boss demands friendship — be wary — because at any time the friendship can be revoked while the master-and-slave dyad necessarily remains. 

If you wish to befriend your boss, immediately retire that notion.  You will be seen as cloying and clever — and neither of those labels can ever overcome the emotion of friendship falsely offered.

Entering the Virtual World: A Friend and Enemy

by Andrea Puckett

Using the computer as a way to communicate with friends and family became second nature to me when I did my undergraduate work at Virginia Tech. Emailing was the only way that I could speak to professors that had 500 plus people in their classes. Instant Messaging became a preferred way for my roommates and I to talk with each other instead of walking into the next room and speaking with them.

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Marshall Jamison

[Publisher’s Note: On September 2, 2003, the earth broke for us forever when Marshall Jamison died of congestive heart failure in Orlando, Florida. He was 85. Marshall was a fine man, a great scholar, a caring father, a proud mentor and a loving friend. He was a Golden Boy in the Golden Age of television. When it came to writing the only thing that mattered was if the work was good: Fame, success and money all flowed from being good first. One of Marshall’s many gifts was making bad good. We already painfully miss him for the world is less without him. Marshall Jamison’s intelligence, beauty and kindness were powerful inspirations for everyone at GO INSIDE Magazine and he will eternally shine herein and glimmer from within us always. — David Boles]

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