[Publisher’s Note: On September 2, 2003, the earth broke for us forever when Marshall Jamison died of congestive heart failure in Orlando, Florida. He was 85. Marshall was a fine man, a great scholar, a caring father, a proud mentor and a loving friend. He was a Golden Boy in the Golden Age of television. When it came to writing the only thing that mattered was if the work was good: Fame, success and money all flowed from being good first. One of Marshall’s many gifts was making bad good. We already painfully miss him for the world is less without him. Marshall Jamison’s intelligence, beauty and kindness were powerful inspirations for everyone at GO INSIDE Magazine and he will eternally shine herein and glimmer from within us always. — David Boles]

George Marshall Shipman Jamison was born in Boston on June 16, 1918. His father, Walter Washington Jamison, was an English professor at MIT. His mother, Margaret Shipman Jamison, taught acting in Boston.

He was a student at The New England Conservatory of Music and at Yale University. From 1942 to 1946, Mr. Jamison served as a staff officer for the U.S. Maritime Service. After his tour of duty, Mr. Jamison moved to New York City to pursue his interests in theatre.

In 1948, Mr. Jamison made his Broadway debut in Mister Roberts. He then branched out into directing.

Mr. Jamison then moved into television. In 1953 he was the Associate Producer and Director of Ford’s Fiftieth Anniversary. From 1956 to 1958, Mr. Jamison was the Executive Producer of The U.S. Steel Hour. In 1960, he won an Emmy Award as Producer of The Fabulous Fifties starring Henry Fonda.

In the 1960’s, Mr. Jamison was the director of the popular network television series That Was the Week That Was starring David Frost. In the early ’70’s, Mr. Jamison directed A World Apart, a daytime television drama.

In 1973, Mr. Jamison left commercial television and became a Senior Producer with the Nebraska Educational Television Network. During his long association with NETV, he directed and/or produced several award winning series for the network including Anyone for Tennyson? and The Mark Twain series. Mr. Jamison earned the title Poet Laureate of NETV for his lovely and touching poems. In 1990, Mr. Jamison retired from NETV.

In 1992 he moved to Florida where, for over 11 years, he served as the Poetry Editor and author of many articles for GO INSIDE Magazine.

In the year 2000, Mr. Jamison celebrated his golden wedding anniversary with his wife of fifty years, Janet Rosa Jamison. Mr. Jamison’s family includes the following children: Patricia, Janeen, Josh, Terri, Marshall and Janet. His grandchildren are Oliver, Beth, Marlene, Jennifer, Elizabeth and Emily. His great grandchildren include John, Matthew and Blaise.

To discover the details about Mr. Jamison’s credits, read on:

1992-2003 – Contributing Editor for Go Inside Magazine.

1990-1979 MARK TWAIN, SERIES PRODUCER – Nebraska ETV Network
Life on the Mississippi, Golden Cine Award
History of a Campaign that Failed, Peabody – Golden Cine
The Mysterious Stranger, PBS
Innocents Abroad, PBS
Puddin’ Head Wilson, PBS

SENIOR PRODUCER – Project Programming, NETV
Great Performances, PBS
American Playhouse, PBS
The Trial of Standing Bear, PBS’ American Playhouse

Count Basie’s Swin’g The Blues, PBS
Humanities – The Gift of Sight, CEN Cultural Affairs Award – 1980
Great Performances, PBS

Woman: The Prairie Schooner Series Pilot, NETV

Anyone for Tennyson? — 60 half hour programs for PBS on videotape and film, studio and remote location shooting with the First Poetry Quartet and guest stars Jack Lemmon, Levar Burton, William Shatner, James Whitmore, Robert Culp, Fred Gwynne, Irene Worth, Jean Marsh, Darren McGavin, Jim Dale, Rachel Gurney, Alan Howard and England’s Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman. The series won the Gold Camera Award, U.S. Industrial Film Festival, and a Certificate of Merit from Chicago International Film.

University of Mid-America
Japan, The Living Tradition – Ohio State University Award

Six Anyone for Tennyson? programs for PBS starring Henry Fonda, Vincent Price and others

1974-1973 PRODUCER
Three Daytime Ninety programs for CBS Network, New York

New York Emmy Awards Telecasts

1971-1970 DIRECTOR
144 episodes of A World Apart for the ABC Network, New York

Television Quarterly, New York Academy of Television Magazine

TNT Communications, New York

Republican National Committee, 1960, ’64, ’68, ’72, ’76 Presidential Conventions
1976 Democratic National Committee, Presidential Convention

Programming for the U.S. Treasury, General Motors, UBM, U.S. Army and others

Over 100 live medical closed circuit programs for the American College of Surgeons, American College of Physicians and others

That Was The Week That Was – Introductory special and weekly series, shot live for NBC. Emmy Award nominations for Programming and Direction.

1963-1961 PRODUCER
Breck Golden Showcase – dramatic specials for CBS Network. Starred Cliff Robertson, James Mason, and others.

Opening Night, The Gershwin Years, The Good Years – all videotape specials for the CBS Network starring Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, and others

The Fabulous Fifties – two hour videotape special for CBS Network starring Henry Fonda. Peabody and Emmy Award winners

United States Steel Hour – live CBS Network series for the Theatre Guild. Christopher Award Winner

The Ford Fiftieth Anniversary Show – two hour program on both CBS and NBC. Peabody and Sylvania Award Winner

1956-1953 DIRECTOR
The Young and Beautiful
By the Beautiful Sea
On Borrowed Time (revival)
Time Limit (re-staged for the New York opening)

Yale Department of Drama
New England Conservatory of Music

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