Behavior Control Through Conditional Explosion

Have you ever lived with, or worked for, an Emotional Terrorist?
I call those people “Incredible Hulks” because their mantra for keeping peace in their lives is to terrorize your with this reminder: “Don’t make me angry! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!”

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The Faked Fury of a Woman Scorned

Women all over the internet are up in arms and supporting “Emily” — the allegedly scored wife of “Steven” — by linking to “Emily’s” blog: and adding “Emily” to their Blogrolls in support of her public revenge.
The only problem is “Emily” — and her cheating husband “Steven” — are fake.

They are a Viral Advertising marketing campaign created to dupe people and exploit their emotions for profit:

The latest in viral marketing is brought to you by Court
TV, spokespeople for the network confirmed yesterday, in what industry
experts call a “shill marketing” move, whereby the people – that’s
right, dumb ol’ you and me – are duped into believing a gigantic
billboard in Midtown is for real.

First clue that this open letter from a woman scorned was 100 percent
pure baloney came when bloggers spotted the same billboard in other
parts of the city and in Los Angeles. That’s odd, seeing as how poor,
pilates-obsessed “Emily” wrote on her blog that she placed the ad
strategically outside the office of “Steven,” her supposed no-good
philandering spouse.

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