TicketMaster Gags Gaga Fans

I will admit I have not been a fan of Lady Gaga for that long of a time — for the longest time I thought she was less about the substance and more about the style. Then I found out she released her music on vinyl as well as other formats, and everything changed for me. I bought her album “The Fame” and got right into it.

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Lady GaGa Crotch Watch Saga

Is Lady GaGa a hermaphrodite?  Should it matter if she has a vagina or a penis or neither or both?  Are you aware of the intensive “Lady GaGa Cock Watch” movement — especially in the UK — that investigates that patch of flesh that makes up her groin?  There are serious efforts on the Internet to try to figure out if Lady GaGa is packing a penis… or not.

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