Is Lady GaGa a hermaphrodite?  Should it matter if she has a vagina or a penis or neither or both?  Are you aware of the intensive “Lady GaGa Cock Watch” movement — especially in the UK — that investigates that patch of flesh that makes up her groin?  There are serious efforts on the Internet to try to figure out if Lady GaGa is packing a penis… or not.

In this beauty shot, some claim Ms. GaGa is sporting one huge erection beneath her shiny, spiky, skin-tight, black pants:

Here’s another Internet snoop’s attempt at circling Lady GaGa’s unmasked penis as proof peeking from her underpants:

Here’s another circle jerk job indicating the limp, “penile” protrusion, in the Lady’s panties:

Those on the other side of the GaGa Saga provide this shining evidence that she, in fact, is vagina-ready and penisless:

GaGa lovers also point to this image as evidence of her fine, if
powdery, womanhood — and her total lack of man packaging: 

Does it matter if Lady GaGa is swinging long or just swinging?

If she prefers women over boys — should that matter us?

If Lady GaGa likes to stuff her pants — or her bra — who are we to care?

The one certainty we know about Lady GaGa is that she can sing — and she knows how to put on a great show — both on and offstage.


  1. Exactly, David. Who are we to care about the musician? The music is all that matters — and what great music it is!

  2. I think Ms. Ga does like the publicity she generates with her gender-bending — but I think it’s a bit too much now and has become extremely cruel — if she had to do it all over again, I bet she wouldn’t let it get so out of control so fast.

  3. I’m a man. If she is male, I’m gay. Transsex reassigned m2f whatever, do not have her anatomical proporions, head-size or vocal range. Adolescent men with limited experience of female anatomy or any concept of gender-reassignments, see a fold or prominent labia and call it a penis. Stephanie thinks kerching! Pop’s best attraction and guaranteed publicity: androdgeny/sexuality.

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