TicketMaster Gags Gaga Fans

I will admit I have not been a fan of Lady Gaga for that long of a time — for the longest time I thought she was less about the substance and more about the style. Then I found out she released her music on vinyl as well as other formats, and everything changed for me. I bought her album “The Fame” and got right into it.

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Lady GaGa Crotch Watch Saga

Is Lady GaGa a hermaphrodite?  Should it matter if she has a vagina or a penis or neither or both?  Are you aware of the intensive “Lady GaGa Cock Watch” movement — especially in the UK — that investigates that patch of flesh that makes up her groin?  There are serious efforts on the Internet to try to figure out if Lady GaGa is packing a penis… or not.

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A Meme of Craven Semiotics: My Lovely Lady Lumps

After yesterday’s blistering of Keith Richards’ cocaine/ashes habit here in Urban Semiotic, our conversation turned to the need for, and the requirement of, semiotics in society and I made this promise then:

We are going to talk more about the corruption of the young around us with craven semiotics that are imitated and intended to infiltrate and infest mainstream popular culture to influence behavior, values and the common decency of human morality.

We will begin our discussion of A Meme of Craven Semiotics in society by examining a single cultural touchstone — The Black Eyed Peas’ “My Humps” music video released in 2005 — that recently inspired both Will Ferrell’s imitation of the song while on a treadmill in the movie “Blades of Glory” and Alanis Morissette’s new achingly awful mocking of the song. If the original version of “My Humps” had some sense of irony or sophistication, the inferred semiotic would be influential and, perhaps, even interesting instead of merely craven.

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