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Fire the Millionaire Matchmaker

Though I am no big fan of reality television programming and in fact have frequently wished that there would be less reality television and more scripted television (even cheesy television shows are, to me, better than so-called reality programs that do not resemble any reality I have ever seen in this real world.) I still keep an ear open to the occasional occurrence when someone from the world of reality television crosses over into mainstream television by finding themselves on the news.

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To Kill a Gay Club, Close All Clubs

Imagine a spoiled child playing in a swimming pool with some friends. He asks one of the other children for a toy. No, replies the child, he has already had a turn with the toy and the other children should be allowed to play with it first. The child responds by taking the toy and submerging in in the deep end of the pool so that nobody can play with it.

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New AIDS Crisis in New York City

We have a new AIDS crisis rising in New York City — and while the GMHC are warning against the impending epidemic — this is not just a “Gay” problem any longer.

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The Sean Hayes Newsweek Homophobic Slur

When I watched Forrest Gump navigating a boat and catching hundreds of pounds of fish, I never once thought to myself that it was completely unrealistic for Tom Hanks to portray a shrimp boat captain because he was not a shrimp boat captain. Nor did I have a problem with Gary Sinise as a lieutenant who lost his legs in Vietnam injury — even though I knew fully well that Gary’s legs were perfectly fine. Why, then, does Ramin Setoodeh of Newsweek insist that a gay man cannot convincingly play a straight character?

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My Old Kentucky Penis

Subliminal advertising — using semiotic images to suggest sexuality in magazine and print advertising that could only be read by the subconscious mind — had its heyday in the 1970’s as ice cubes in the shape of breasts appeared in liquor ads and, the most famous example by far, was Farrah Fawcett’s bestselling poster with “Sex” written with the curls of her hair. The “S” starts on her shoulder and your eye can make out an “e” near her chest and a twisted “x” above her left breast and under her armpit.  I can guarantee you the young, horny, boys of the mid-70’s like me were never looking at her hair…

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You are a Fag!

Over the past four years or so that I have been publishing this Urban Semiotic blog, I am always surprised to see unpublished comments from conservative religious readers who decide their best defense in the name of Jesus Christ is to insult me.

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