Imagine a spoiled child playing in a swimming pool with some friends. He asks one of the other children for a toy. No, replies the child, he has already had a turn with the toy and the other children should be allowed to play with it first. The child responds by taking the toy and submerging in in the deep end of the pool so that nobody can play with it.

This scenario is being played out right now in a school district in Corpus Cristi, Texas. Student there were interested in forming a Gay-Straight Alliance. Whether it was a few parents that found the notion of the club to be offensive to their responsibilities of students that were displayed with the existence of the club, it could not be stopped because of the 1984 decision to prohibit closing clubs on the basis of religion, gender, sexuality, color- for equality for all who would want to make a club in other words.

Consequently, the school did the only sensible thing — it closed all other school clubs.

A Corpus Christi, TX school district has responded to a student’s request to create a Gay-Straight Alliance — by shutting down all extracurricular clubs on campus.

Flour Bluff Intermediate School District’s move comes after its high school gained national attention by blocking senior Bianca “Nikki” Peet’s request to start a GSA. Hundreds of people have emailed the district on behalf of Peet through a petition, which was also linked to by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network

So let us review what happened. A student wanted to create a club that would create unity between a diverse group of students and in response, the school district shuttered access to all clubs. The district acted like the spoiled child that didn’t like how long it was taking for his turn to get the toy and so removes access to the toy for one and all.

It is the role of schools to educate our children — to take them and provide them with an environment in which they learn how they should behave in a society, how to treat one another. How can we possibly expect our children to properly behave when the schools we entrust with our children shutter down all clubs when there is the possibility of diversity in one of them?


    1. It is indeed a shame, David. Society becomes more embracing of tolerance, so individuals full of hate and intolerance feel they must rise and fight back.

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