The Medication Generation: Searching for Perfection and Enlightenment

As I’ve written before, having a blog of a sustained length over time that can dive back a decade with in situ thoughts and facts-of-mind on the record makes for a wonderful repository that allows a certain grabbing back into what we thought we knew then in order to compare it against the modern treachery of The Now.

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It Stops with Me

At my favorite deli — where I get my fix for homemade beans and rice — one of the female workers always tells me the latest woes of her life as she scoops the beans over piles of rice.  I love listening to her stories because, even though they are filled with horrors and heartache, she relays the truth of her station with such strength and magnificence that you cannot help but be drawn into her plight and root
for her.

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Generational Wrongs

There are some wrongs that are so terrible and so terrifying — and that wound all of humanity so harshly — that they can never be set right in the lifetimes of those who perpetrated, and received, the cruelty.

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Information Literacy and the Google Generation

Here’s a recent report that argues “The Google Generation” — kids born after 1993 — have no idea of a life without the Internet, and while that gives them great access to information, that doesn’t mean they are literate beyond logging onto their computers.

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The 3rd Party Generation

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

I must confess that this month’s article has not been an easy task for me. The reasons are numerous: family, work, college, and the USA. Each has played a part in this month’s article because all of it is part of my life. You may say the same thing is going on your side, so here we are trying to put everything in place, and doing so on time and out of time. I know that I may sound a bit philosophical, though I do not have such intention. Since we have touched base, let me start with the subject in matter: The 3rd Party Generation.

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