There are some wrongs that are so terrible and so terrifying — and that wound all of humanity so harshly — that they can never be set right in the lifetimes of those who perpetrated, and received, the cruelty.

To set right a Generational Wrong takes a whole new effort to realign local thought on the topic.  It isn’t enough to merely confess the wrong — the wrong must be set right — or it will never heal.

War, discrimination, genocide and AIDS are all cultural and scientific examples of torturous wrongs that imbue an entire generation with despair and wanton wondering for a way out of the fire.

Generational Wrongs take new thinking and fast action to heal — and those who look to the failed generations that got lost in the ashes — will learn from those fatal mistakes and, in turn, seal those errors in the pit of history where they belong so the present future becomes cleaner and more righteous.


  1. We sure do have tons to pay down, David. The war will eat us up. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to recover from losing so much money on such a useless thing.

  2. We won’t be able to handle any of this in our lifetimes, Anne. It will be future generations that will have to work to get us out of this financial and spiritual hole. The next 20 years will be incredibly painful as we begin to try to pay down our national wrongs.

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