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Moving Gmail to Gmail and Start Changing Colors

We have recently wondered how to Get Email out of Gmail and into Gmail and Google have quietly provided us that answer while officially denying the feature exists. When you currently search Help on the Google Gmail website to see if you can “Fetch Mail from Another Google Account” this is the answer provided:

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I am My Own Trained Monkey: Getting the Gmail Out!

Type, monkey, type! Monkey Time! If you have been following my plight with Gmail as set down in my Getting Email out of Gmail article, you know I’ve been having a frustrating time trying to figure out how to get my Gmail out of one Gmail account and re-directed into another one in a simple, one-step, seamless merge.

I am disappointed to write there was no single-step solution.

I had to do it the old fashioned way with my monkey fingers on my monkey keyboard!

Here’s how I did it using Gmail and Apple Mail.

The solution was a mix of all the excellent advice I curried in my original article.

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Getting Email Out of Gmail

Okay, I need some help. I want to pull 10,000 Gmail messages from one Gmail account into another Gmail account. Any idea how I can do that without a lot of mess?

I don’t want to download all the messages via POP3 to a mail client and then forward or redirect every message to the new Gmail account. I can’t seem to find a “mass forward” in Gmail. Does that feature exist?

It looks like you have to open each of the 10,000 messages to find the forward feature. Is there a way to get my new Gmail account to tell my old Gmail account to “send me everything you have and I’ll keep it over here instead of over there?” Is there a separate program that will do this for me? Help!