Perfecting the Pivot

One of the most valuable assets a person needs to acquire, and then put into purpose, is the ability to pivot. Pivoting is not a preternatural human condition, because we are generally bred and trained to always force forward, no matter the peril, to reach any and all final goals at any and all costs — in both human treasure and in the assumption of precious trinkets.

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Hitting a Million Readers

I need your help in accomplishing an important milestone in the four year history of this Urban Semiotic blog. As you can see on the right in the sidebar, we currently have (at the time I am writing this article), around 863,000 readers of this blog since 10/27/06 — that’s when we moved to from being privately hosted — and I am asking for your assistance to help us hit the ONE MILLION READERS mark on or before January 1, 2008!

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