Dr. Howard Stein on Golf and the Principle of Consideration

It’s spring, and an old man’s fancy turns to thoughts of golf.  My thoughts concentrate on three conditions that no longer seem to exist, neither in golf nor in the society.  Golf, as the game was designed and expected to be played, is out of sync, out of joint, with the society determined to paralyze the game.

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Celebrity Response to Haiti: Genuine, or PR?

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the government response was slow and inadequate — as we well know by now. The ensuing celebrity response was amazing. Photographs of Brad Pitt helping out really touched me. There’s something about when a celebrity really messes up in the eye of the public and then shortly thereafter does a tremendous act of charity that makes me wonder why said celebrity did it. 
Now the suffering in Haiti is in the midst of the celebrity cause.

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Whoremaster: As the Tiger Trickles

Tiger Woods has forever dirtied the shiny veneer of his social reputation.  One affair was enough to conceal and confess.  As of this morning, the putting whoremaster now has at least seven women lining up to spill their secrets of their lust for his money and his passion for their honeypots — and the sad part is now every single woman Tiger has come in contact with over the arc of his life will be put under instant suspicion of the “did she or didn’t she” stench — as Tiger’s confessed cheating taints the unsullied and the pure.

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Man Titties

For today only — and only in this article and its comments — I am lifting the ban on using derogatory terms in order to better understand, to provide context for, and to help eradicate forever from the lips of humankind, an especially vicious sort of name calling that blends an insult across gender lines to hurt both men and women at the same time.

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When Boys Cry

On Sunday, when Tiger Woods won the British Open for the second time in a row and the third time overall, he celebrated his win by sobbing on his caddy’s shoulder. That was Tiger’s first win after the death of his father Earl in May and, as Tiger told the world later, he was crying because he missed his father so much.

When Boys Cry

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Golfing in Liberty Gloaming Under the Urban Midst

Jersey City is a hardcore town with a tough reputation. There are pockets of high wealth in Jersey City and they are located downtown along the waterfront where views out the window frame the
Hudson River and the magnificent New York City skyline. Many say the best place to view the majesty of Manhattan is from the shores of New Jersey.

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Meeting Dr. Ian Player

by Nancy McDaniel

How many of us are fortunate enough in our lives to meet someone who has been a true hero of ours? Not a known hero such as a parent who selflessly raised us safely and successfully. Not an unknown but “everyday” hero such as a firefighter who risks his or her life everyday to protect us, but a larger-than-life hero whose books are twinkling stars of words that light up the pages and whose accomplishments in the natural world make life better for all of us. Even for those of us who don’t even realize it.

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