Tiger Woods has forever dirtied the shiny veneer of his social reputation.  One affair was enough to conceal and confess.  As of this morning, the putting whoremaster now has at least seven women lining up to spill their secrets of their lust for his money and his passion for their honeypots — and the sad part is now every single woman Tiger has come in contact with over the arc of his life will be put under instant suspicion of the “did she or didn’t she” stench — as Tiger’s confessed cheating taints the unsullied and the pure.

What Tiger Woods has sloppily proven over the last week is that a talent for a sport does not translate into moral living or honoring your wife and children. 

Tiger’s public facade is dying in drips with every new mistress leak; every vow he privately coveted with his family now becomes a shattered promise in public.

Tiger has allegedly said he is surprised by the attention given to his adultery and we are grieved to learn of Tiger’s sexual fantasy including baseball player Derek Jeter and actor David Boreanaz.

The lesson in Tiger Woods’ whoremastering is simple and timeless:  Talent, power and money do not mean you have vested values or unconditional character.

Now when we look at Tiger, we have a living example of what not to do and how not to behave and perhaps that is a good reality check for the children who have previously looked up to him — but that new context of primal immorality will wound Tiger’s future earning potential and eternally condemn any sort of human authority he tries to pitch and fling our way.


  1. This is pretty much why I only look to sports figures for their ability to play sports. Reminds me of the adulation people pour on Ichiro Suzuki — and how a friend of mine told me that when he met him once, he was one of the most rude people he had ever met. I try to focus more on the art, so to speak, and not the artist.
    That being said, it was quite disappointing the Sunday after the car crash that started this all and CNN spent so much time covering the crash and a shooting of four police officers in Tacoma, WA got barely a crawl.

  2. I was absolutely shocked when I came to know the news…somehow it was hard for me believe. Do these people think just because they can get away with anything in life just because of their achievement in their sports career?

  3. Good points, Gordon. Tiger deserves this extra inspection because he has presented himself as this perfect person in every way. He proposes his flawlessness and the world has accepted that so far. Now that he’s being shown to be less than ordinary in his everyday life — he won’t have that magical cache any longer that has made him the richest sports figure in the world.

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