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How Evil Propagates

Evil propagates the world over via the misled good intentions of honorable people.

The Rules of Writing: A Concrete Conversation

In a recent comments thread we kidded around with The Rules of Writing. That fun exchange — well, probably more fun for me — pushed me into thinking about the more serious Rules we have all discovered for making our writing better. 

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A Good Mother

A good friend of mine is disappearing for a few months while she attends to her maternity leave. My friend is special and smart and kind and beautiful and wondrous in many significant ways. She will make a fine and loving mother and that unborn child thriving in her belly is lucky to have her. It’s strange how news and events can bend time and propel you back to moments of your childhood and make them real again with temperatures and smells and tactile responses.

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All the Good Women are Taken

A friend of mine claims once a woman reaches the age of 21 she is free game for any free man even if she’s “taken.” His reasoning is if a woman is smart and talented and beautiful she will not be unattached long because a man will hunt her down and lock her up like his property in a relationship or a marriage.

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When Good Blogs Go Bad

Over the weekend I decided to be really smart and improve this blog. When I announce big plans like that people in my house run for cover because they know from past experience blood will be likely spilt, usually mine, and tears of frustration will flow, always mine. The run-for-cover gang were right.

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